Travel Air Jacket wool grey Travel Air Jacket wool grey

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Travel Air Jacket wool grey

€ 699

Made with SCHOELLER fabric
Temperature regulating
water repellent

SCHOELLER fabric consists of 2 coupled layers: wool outside and hi-tech “c_change” membrane inside. The membrane hi-tech is temperature regulating. Inspired by nature it acts like a pine cone that opens and closes according to temperature changes. If the outdoor temperature or body heat increases, the “c_change” membrane opens allowing excess vapour to evaporate. If the body produces less energy or if it is colder outdoors, the “c_change” membrane closes like a shell against the cold. The membrane “c_change” complies with the international environmental “bluesign” certifi cation standard.

Inside with INFLATABLE SYSTEM  lining with valve to inflate and deflate air, made of Nylon jersey fabric coupled with a breathable and waterproof membrane.  The temperatures may easily be regulated by inflating and deflating the interior from about -15° C to + 15°C.

Air is the best  and more eco-friendly thermal insulation.